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Lowest Price Possible

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What is a Identical Product?

Most merchants define this as; same brand, same model number, same color, same size.

LJ Outdoors defines an identical product as same manufacturer, same look or similar product. We realize that big box merchants often utilize custom model number and options to give them an exclusive model so that they do not need to honor a price match.  Not us! So, if it is a 20qt brand XYZ pink cooler and we have a 20qt Brand XYZ orange cooler then we are going to give you our Lowest Price Possible. 

To simplify and keep the legal jargon to a minimum, the Lowest Price Possible Policy does not mean we can always beat a competitors price, but we will give it a try.


Sometimes competitors are discontinuing a product, or clearing out inventory and simply want their items gone. Or perhaps they are able to purchase in bulk, in some cases we simply can not beat their pricing. However, we are happy to try and offer you our Lowest Price Possible on any identical item. 

Our Lowest Price Possible Policy

If you find an identical product at a lower price, on any online website, we will gladly take a look and give you our lowest price possible on that identical product....

Lowest Price Possible Submission 

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